Entrepreneurship: Finally, Some Real Advice

Entrepreneurship: Finally, Some Real Advice
November 23, 2015 Farissa Knox

There are so many blogs, pod casts and inspirational quotes on Instagram pumping people up to take that leap. Leave your corporate job, believe in yourself, work hard and you can build a business. What I don’t hear anyone saying is that being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Not just that, not everyone can do it- and that is OK!!!! It does not make you less of a professional or not as good at your job if you don’t own the company you work for.

As an entrepreneur, I know better then anyone, the value of an amazing employee. I would not have been able to accomplish as much as I have without all of the people who have ever worked for me~ well not all of them. I have made some hiring mistakes. But I digress. It is a much different skill to work for yourself then to actually do the job people are hiring you to do. When you first start a company, you are spending time doing the job your clients hire you for. But as you continue to do a good job growing your client base and the amount of work you take on, you start to need help, systems and paperwork. As the owner and leader, you have to find the right people to help you (hiring/firing employees), put the systems in place that now this team will follow (because if you don’t, they will either do what feels right to them or nothing) and create the contracts that will protect you if business goes bad with any employees or clients. The more you grow and successful you become, the less you are actually doing the thing the clients are hiring you for. This is called Building Business.


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Now some of you are probably reading this thinking that is the last thing I want to do. I want to be creative, happy and not responsible for all of the non-sexy parts of having your own business. In that case, you want to Work for Yourself. And that is also OK! When you work for yourself, the goal is to have just enough client work that you can support yourself, and nothing more. But keep in mind, many people start down this path and don’t realize that businesses are a lot like anything else someone creates- it can easily take on a life of its own. The more you adjust to what your clients need and want, the more you might start to realize you have a business that is bigger then just you.


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Either way, knowing The Real about being an entrepreneur and working for yourself is the first piece of advice you need to think about. From here, there are definite tools, whichever way you decide to take your career, you can use and I will be more then happy to share as the weeks, months and years go by and I continue to learn myself. Send me your questions in the comments below and I will circle back on this topic in a few weeks.


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