What is Your Definition of Rich?!?

What is Your Definition of Rich?!?
August 15, 2016 Farissa Knox

If you have little children who are capable of asking questions like ‘why?’ and you work outside of your home, you are probably used to your little ones asking you why you have to go to work some mornings as you are running out to punch the clock. This is a question I get often that I typically answer very logically like ‘so mommy can pay for all your toys’ or ‘so you have clothes to wear everyday’.

Although, for many mommies, that is the reason why they work, in order to provide for their family, that is not why I work. So one morning during the normal routine of me getting dressed, putting on my makeup with Chloe watching in the mirror, her helping me pick out the right pair of shoes for the day and me sitting in the living room with them and our nanny while I ordered my Uber, the question came again. “Mommy, why are you going to work?” she asked. And instead of answering quickly and without any thought, I took a moment and a deep breath and almost effortlessly said, “You know why Mommy goes to work? It’s so that someone else besides you, Isabelle and Daddy remember I was here and that I mattered.” Instantly I felt the weight of my answer and the silence that filled my living room afterwards as we all just sat and thought about it.

Minutes later as my Uber rolled down Lake Shore Drive, I thought on it some more. I want to matter to as many people as possible during this one lifetime I was given and I am choosing to try and accomplish that by what I do when I wake up everyday. The ideas I come up with, the people I employ, the things I write down and publish, the inspiration people tell me I give. Immediately I thought ‘this is what it must feel like to be rich’. Wait, doesn’t that make me rich!?! The very fact that I get to wake up everyday and do what I feel like doing, what I love doing, what makes me feel good is my definition of rich. Can I afford to buy myself ANYTHING my heart desires, no, not yet, but that’s coming because of all of the above.

Love Farissa


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