Work for the job you want, not just the job you have

Work for the job you want, not just the job you have
October 3, 2016 Farissa Knox

One of the hardest parts of my job is finding talent not just for the job at hand, but for what I anticipate the role growing into. In an ideal world for the type of boss I am, I like to find people who have talent and ability today that has potential to grow as the company grows and my needs evolve. Although most people think they are this, most people really are not. Most people get comfortable in a role and say they want to take on more responsibility but they want the responsibility to look and smell the way they want it to, not necessarily how it actually needs to be for that company, brand or client to achieve its goals.

So the question then becomes, how do you as an employee, show your boss or the owner of the company that you are the person they are looking for, not just today, but tomorrow? One of the ways to do this is by understanding what the vision for the future is. And I don’t mean assuming that you know what it is. I mean really asking good questions of the right people if its not shared with you and the team on a regular basis. What are our business goals for this year? How can I specifically be helpful in us achieving that? And what is the ultimate goal from all of that?

Another way to show value beyond the role you are in is to think and act with a long- term mentality. It is rare these days to have a young person work at a job with the intension of staying for a long time (5-10 years). The majority of the people entering the workforce today start a job with the mindset that they will just do this for a couple of years, and it shows. Why would your boss, manager or the owner of the company invest in you with training, information and insights if they know you will be gone at the first sign of a bigger paycheck, a sexier title or boredom?

Finally, one of the most important factors in all of this is the ability for you, as the employee, to show growth and maturity over time. You hinder yourself if you purposefully don’t do things for the company or in the office if you see items as ‘not your job’. Think outside of your job description, when appropriate, and do what’s in the best interest for the company you work for. After all, without that company being successful, you would need to find a new source of income!

Love Farissa


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