Monday Morning Read: You’ve Graduated, Now What?!?

Monday Morning Read: You’ve Graduated, Now What?!?
June 12, 2017 Farissa Knox

Take a deep breathe! The change is not that massive. Seriously, Tuesday still comes after Monday. Instagram’s algorithm is still annoying AF. Trump is, unfortunately, still Trump. The world continues to spin as you transition from the life of a student to one of more of a contributor to society. You are not the first, and you won’t be the last. Will things change for you? Yes! But it’s not that serious. Now that school is no longer your job and grades are no longer your currency, you have to change how you think about things and find replacements. Understanding that this thing called life is a marathon and not a sprint, my suggestion is to get a job, obviously, but to think of experience in the area you ultimately want to end up in, as your new currency. You have a long career ahead of you and there will be a time where concentrating on money exclusively as a way to make decisions might be the right way to think about things, but now is not that time. Go gain the best experience and the money will follow. #BeHumble

Love Farissa


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