Monday Morning Read: You Would be lucky to Dress like this Mom

Monday Morning Read: You Would be lucky to Dress like this Mom
June 26, 2017 Farissa Knox

In addition to all of the other things I do professionally and socially, I am a mommy to an almost 5 year old (because that is exactly how she describes her age) and a 22 month old. So, as some of you can imagine, I have to dress completely differently when I am running around the city with the girls versus when I am in the office building my empire.

There are so many more factors you have to dress for (or in some cases, not dress for) when spending time with your little one’s that it can become way easier to just concentrate on one of those things and forsake all the others. Not caring about ruining the items you have on and comfort are at the top of every mom’s list for obvious reasons. But your personal style does not have to go out the window even when it’s last on the list. And to prove it to you, I pulled together my weekend mommy uniform just for your inspiration.


This uniform of a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt, dark skinny jeans, chucks, some blotted (so I don’t get any on the babies when I lay on the smooches) color on my lips and my hair out of my face, keeps me in control of all of my mommy weekend activities as well as one of best dressed moms at ballet, spanish class, soccer lessons and the thousands of kid birthday parties that no one tells you is a requirement to join the club before you have your first bundle of joy.

Love Farissa.


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