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Farissa’s passion is helping and inspiring young people through stories from her personal life, business building mastery and sharing lessons she has learned over time. If you’re looking for a speaker to bring a dynamic, passionate, and inspiring message, look no further than Farissa Knox. In addition to her extensive work in building her own companies, Farissa is also a self published author, a style inspiration, a mom and an influencer to many. Her keynotes and intimate worships are a hit among students, aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals. Whether you are looking for a panelist, a keynote or a brunch eon highlight, Farissa will deliver!

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Farissa_2016-19Everyone has an inner boss. Join Farissa as she shares her journey to becoming a #BossPeriod. Faced with adversity and numerous challenges while starting her first company at 27, Farissa will share everything she’s learned while overcoming obstacles on her way to success. She’ll teach you principles that will help you be successful in school, at internships, and ultimately, in your career. Expect to be inspired, share a few laughs, and learn from Farissa exactly what it takes to be a #BossPeriod.




What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 Something



Hear Farissa share personal stories on love, life, and the real world that didn’t make it into her debut book Love, Sex & Friendship: In No Particular Order. She’ll touch on how she landed her first job after college, what role her romantic relationships played in her life during her 20’s vs. today, and provide a glimpse into the crazy reality that she faces as she tries to build her empire. Come relax, let your hair down, have a laugh, and add one more girl to your squad as Farissa gives you life and shines light on the reality of ‘adulthood’.






An Intimate Chat around all things Love, Sex & Friendship: In No Particular Order 


Come ready to get even more “tea” around Farissa’s love life, career choices and the friendships she gives us a peak into inside her debut book. If you have a campus organization, book club or sorority sisters looking for something fun to do as a group, look no further.  Get this book into the hands of everyone in your squad, chill the bubbly, and let Farissa know what time to show up. Farissa picks some of the most intimate and personal parts of the book to read aloud, share her feelings when it was happening in real time, and more importantly, how it makes her feel today when she relives it and the lessons she walked away with. It is a great time filled with laughs, sentiment and insights.





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